The Lightning Foundation aims to play a key role for the diffusion of Bitcoin as a global mean of exchange, through Lightning Network based solutions, accessible to all the people across the world.

This website also provides a platform for anonymous micro-donations to selected partner projects. 

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Micro donations

Bitcoin for Venezuela Initiative - Venezuela

BFVI, the Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative founded by Randy Brito in 2012, collect founds to improving life conditions for Venezuelan people.

This initiative collected 1866600 Sat so far, or

  • Weekly food help for the soup kitchen
    1116600/1000000 Sat 
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Nagafou Dispensary - Ivory Coast

The "Nagafou Dispensary" project stems from a small/big dream: that medical treatment is accessible to all patients. Support Barbara, an Italian volunteer, in bringing there the instruments she needs.

This initiative collected 7000 Sat so far, or

  • Blood glucose test strips (200X)
    7000/100000 Sat 
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If you want to be part of our revolutionary movement, please don't miss such this exciting chance and get in touch with us now!

Interested in making an on chain donation? Here's the address: bc1qjhx64azggun9gnfr04750fmt00nwz23n2qvyk4 (BTC)

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